**We anticipate that vaccination and mask mandates will not be required for IECSC and IBS NY 2022**


COVID-19 Frequently Asked Questions

What specific health and safety measures will be in place at the time of your event?


What types of vaccines will be accepted? 


What forms of vaccination proof will be accepted?


Will single dose be accepted? 


What will the process be for showing vaccination verification?


Where will proof of vaccine be checked? (ie: Inside, outside)? 


Who will be reviewing health documents?


Can I show proof of a negative COVID-19 test instead of a vaccine and still access the event?


I am unable to be vaccinated, are there exemptions?


Will individuals be turned away if they don’t meet a vaccination requirement?


Do children need to provide proof of vaccine in order to enter the Javits Center?


How often will proof of vaccine need to be checked to enter the Javits Center?


How will mandates be enforced?


Am I required to wear a face mask, even if vaccinated?


Will you be limiting the number of attendees who can be at the event?


Is the Javits Center safe?